About Elise

Elise Rosado was born into a vibrant Puerto Rican family in 1998 which began her journey into the nomadic life of a military child.  As a result of her environment being in a constant state of flux, Elise turned to art as a method through which she got to know the members of her new communities.  With her introduction to the world of technical theatre in high school, Elise felt that she had found her tribe in the midst of performers, artisans, and storytellers.  This passion is what led her to pursue a degree in theatre.  Elise is currently set to graduate in December of 2020 at the University of Colorado Boulder in their BFA program studying both Costume and Lighting Design.  

As a result of her background as a technician, it was only natural for Elise to develop an interest in digital art due to the contributions it can make to her design processes and skillsets.  Through theatrical design, Elise seeks to create immersive physical environments and fantastical characters as a means through which she can communicate vital emotional elements in collaboration with other theatre practitioners.  Whether stories of triumph, laughter or failure both historical and contemporary, Elise searchings for ways through which she can spark dialogue between audience members on subjects otherwise avoided or ignored in the hope of invoking positive change around controversial subject matter.


At this point in time, I’m feeling really optimistic about the next year with CAMPP. 2020 has been predictably unpredictable. I’ve struggled to organize my schedule this semester but luckily, I’ve felt very supported by the CAMPP team. Having my 1:1 meetings with Blair in addition to our intern meetings always gives me the mental clarity I need to move forward.
It’s exciting to think that we will finally begin working on faculty projects. I’m looking forward to getting to know Beth Osnes in addition to getting more hands on with her passion project. I have less clarity on the way the Journal 2020 project will go but I’m happy to be collaborating with the full intern team. After my conversation with Blair earlier today, I’m really glad we’ll be getting some training on digital accessibility. Having the ability to be mindful of the ways in which we can create open resource content that is accessible is a blessing. Inequality and social justice have been in the forefront of my mind in recent months so this coming training will is highly anticipated for me. I never imagined myself in this type of job before but now that we are well underway, I find it fitting.

Recent Projects

Sko Together Challenge

In the summer of 2020, Elise worked with ASSETT, Arts and Sciences Support of Education Through Technology, in the development of the Sko Together Challenge, a student initiative to encourage social connection while social distancing.  As an ASSETT intern, Elise took on a marketing role with the development of PR packages and social media content.  Sko Together Challenge allowed Elise to develop organizational and communication skills when collaborating with the intern team as well as the participating students.  

interpreting land – Digital Exhibition

Additionally, Elise has curated a digital exhibition for the Spring 2020 Land Art class to showcase site specific project proposals.  This exhibition entitled interpreting land, explores the various ways in which land is subjective to communities and culture.  In this exhibition, one can learn more about the individual projects, artists, and even explore the interactive site map which allows viewers to learn more about the proposed locations of each project. 

Digital Exhibition


A Woman’s Place

Elise’s most recent digital art composition is a projection mapping work entitled A Woman’s Place. A Woman’s Place is an auditory and visual experience that depicts the contrast between women’s projected roles and the manifestations of women in the world.  Montages of found footage depict the wide variety of representations of women ranging from idolized ideals to empowering depictions of indigeonous women.  These montages function as the infinite manifestations of the female form juxtaposed with finite constraints of conservative ideals.

Costume Design

Elise’s most recent theatrical design was costumes for CU’s Department of Theatre and Dance’s production of Spring Awakening. Spring Awakening is a rock opera that follows the story of rebellion and angst in the midst of sexual awakening and societal constraints. The musical takes on a contemporary twist within a Victorian setting. The inner world of the teenagers is bright and colorful while the outer world is cold and confining. These elements where communicated through clothing by allowing the teen characters to remain is softer fabrics with pops of color while adult characters wore rigid gray scale period clothing.

“Bitch of Living”
“Purple Summer”
Headmaster and School Teacher

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